When faced with legal problems it can seem like there will be no end to the stress. We can help. The Law Office of Steven R. Merritt stands poised to serve clients statewide. We understand the impact legal issues can have on your personal life, family, and work. Our experienced and licensed law office practices in the District and Superior Courts throughout the Commonwealth. Attorney Merritt will quickly marshal the firm's resources to assist clients in an effort to help relieve the stresses such action can, and will, have on you.

Attorney Steve Merritt

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Steve Merritt

Attorney Merritt has sacrificed a great deal in preparation for outstanding service to his clients. As a judicial law clerk in the Haverhill District Court, a paralegal in various law firms ranging from larger firms to solo practitioners, a senior litigation associate in a seacoast firm, and now as a solo practitioner he is poised to take on variety of legal matters. As a former police officer and corrections officers Attorney Merritt possess invaluable experience, and this has created a well-rounded legal career. Attorney Merritt has experience not only with the criminal justice issues, but also dealt with people in dire personal and financial situations where he demonstrated his dedication to those in need. His background has exposed him to the personal stories of a great many people, seeing them at their best and worst. Whether it involves innocent people fraught with troubles who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong, or seemingly smart people who have done dumb things he stands poised to assist them. Some individuals sincerely believe a law is wrong, and violating it was the right thing to do, even to their own detriment. Experience lends to his belief that things are often more complicated than they first appear, and that people often have reasons or causation factors for what they do or don’t do, reasons that may make perfect sense to only them.

A diverse background such as Attorney Merritt may be the very key to leveling the playing fields your case. If you need legal assistance, Attorney Merritt can help in navigating the procedural terrain of the law and fight tirelessly to assist in securing your substantive rights.


Attorney Merritt supplies clients with a broad background in experience and the law. The firm is designed to provide personalized service where every client is treated with dignity and professionalism.

  • Fryeburg Academy
  • Southern Maine Technical College, A.S. in Law Enforcement Technology.
  • Maine Criminal Justice Corrections Academy.
  • Andover College, Paralegal Certificate.
  • Franklin Pierce College, B.S. in business and philosophy.
  • Massachusetts School Of Law, Juris Doctor.
  • Walden University, course studies in Forensic Psychology.
  • Massachusetts Bar, 2000
  • Essex County Bar Association
    • Amesbury Chamber Of Commerce
    • Friends of Dana Farber
  • Lion’s Club